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Are there jobs for people aged 60 and over? The answer is yes. The first thing is to believe and to situate oneself. This stage of life requires reflection. We must answer the question: what do I want to do during my last lap?


The question I hear behind Natalie's fears or John self doubts, is this: is there still work for 60 years and over? Answer: Yes. Is it possible to access any job? Answer: Of course not! Age is an important aspect of our (professional profile). While age may be a handicap for certain jobs, it can become an asset for other jobs. That said, you are not (your age). Therefore, other factors are more important to orientate oneself after 60 years.


The accumulation of your various experiences should point you toward a job that attracts you. You must specify your need. This step is crucial, you should not miss it, or attempt to circumvent it. The question arises: what is the job that suits me and motivates me, at this stage of my life? Ranging from a complete type of work change, or wanting to work in conjunction with retirement, the question remains the same: what do I want to do of this stage of my life? I often hear people say: I want to know the available types of jobs and then we'll see. You can in effect explore by seeing the possibilities: you will anyway have to make a researche to find the possible horizons, but you cannot escape the obvious questions. The problem is that often, people linger and even, stagnate on (what) "what work" that question takes over all the place. We must first answer to the(who) "who am I": who am I now? Who did I became?


* Do you want to make as much money as before, or are you willing to live with a lower income?

* What skills or abilities do you still enjoy using?

* Which skills you do not want to use anymore?

* Do you have special talents which you never used and now might be the best time to use them?

* Do you have skills that could be transposed to a different area?

* Do you have a personal project that you would like to realize?

In short, what are your real needs at this stage of your life?


* Retail Trade Adviser

* Gardening and Horticulture

* Teacher, coach or mentor

* Community teacher

* Helping students with their homework

* Bus driver

* School brigadier

* Financial Advisory

* Sales Representative

* Freelance worker

These sectors or jobs may allow you to do something other than what you did or play a different role in another area with your expertise.


Remember that the demographic factor is acting on the available jobs: there are fewer and fewer young people on the labor market to fill positions that are suitable for workers 60 years or more, this is a growing reality. This reality also encourages educational institutions to make room for people 60 and older. There are very interesting training for trades and development in post-secondary vocational professions, at colleges, and at Universities. Consider this Avenue.


You have a nice opportunity to go across a different experience, which is more like you, or to realize your dream of doing what you have always wanted to do. You will age better if you like what you are doing after 60 years. Ask yourself the right questions. Talk about your plans and your questions with your friends and surrounding. Also, explore different medias, you will perhaps discover something new and interesting. Be at ease to ask for a short meeting which could enlighten you, people love to talk about their work. Watch your tendency to auto sabotage, do not let your fears or a pessimistic view of life slow down your momentum. See this step as a good end of career that you are offering yourself. You deserve it, after all these years on the job market. Trust yourself. There are several help agencies for men and women 50 and older which will be happy to help you in your job searches.

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