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Every one of us is excited when it comes to dating. In fact, we look forward to it and start preparing ourselves in advance. We also put in the best efforts to gain maximum knowledge about the date, places to go, manners to be followed as well as etiquette one should have. No one wants it to end as a wreck or give an impression of a dork.

To make your date successful and memorable follow some basic courtesy and etiquette mentioned below-

•    Never Horn. Especially on a first date make sure you don't honk and receive her at her door step. Never sit in the car and hoot; it gives a very bad impression.

•    Be decent not cheap. Take something for your date. Don't be cheap. At least put in effort to buy a rose stem if not more. This will take you a long way especially if it's your first date.

•    Courtesy is imperative. Show care. This is something that never goes unnoticed even if she is cold or disinterested. Offer her your jacket whenever required. Make sure you open the door for her, pull the chair, help her put her jacket and check other small things. Chivalry is the "X " factor for you.

•    Look after her needs. If you keep a check on what she requires and when, this will definitely work wonders for you! Be available to her when she needs you the most.

•    Don't be self centric. Talk about her and other important things as well. No one enjoys the company of people who just likes talking about themselves. Ask genuine and simple questions about her too. This will also give you an idea about her interests and dislikes. Be a good listener. Show her that you are ready for a two way relationship with her.

•    Keep the right head. Always consider the emotional side of the relationship and not just the sexual part of it. Make sure you don't mention  "sex " at all on your first date until and unless the girl brings it up herself. Even then try to keep it appropriate and simple.

•    Remain gracious even if the date doesn't work out. Maintain being a gentleman as well as be composed even if your companion turns out to be a total snob and obnoxious. This will give you a good rapport in the market.

•    Before the date ends make sure you take in the right signals. When you drop her to her house, receive the right signals. If you think that things were perfect between you guys and she can feel something for you, then move ahead and kiss her on her cheek.

•    Eye Contact. One of the most vital etiquette that one should follow while on a date.

•    Never ogle. This might make your date conscious about their physical appearance and make them uncomfortable in front of you. Sure you don't want that! You want to know the real them. Isn't it?

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