The Effect of Brain Drain in Developing Countries | Author: rent McNutt

The global opportunities have provided many doors for skilled workers and professionals all over the world. The compensation presented by the developed countries is very inviting. Many workers from the third world country are leaving their home to look for greener pastures. No one can really blame them. They would rather sweat it out in a nation that promises reward, than stay where they are, work as much, and earn way too little.

One of the best examples of professionals who are seeking employment abroad is the medical practitioners. Since the nurses are in demand in the different parts of the world, many take up the course, work for about two years, and leave their homeland to wear their landau scrubs somewhere else.

This is not only happening in medical industries. Engineers, pilots, and other professionals are leaving their countries to try their luck in developed countries as well. Although this is good for personal development, this is bad news for the local businesses.

Brain drain is slowly creeping to the veins of local industries. It is difficult because an organization cannot stop a person from leaving the company. He is free to explore other opportunities for the development of his potentials. However, it is very difficult for the country to grow if it continues to lose its talented human resources. When an organization loses talented personnel, there is a chain reaction. First, the organization has to find a replacement. When they find a replacement, they have to train him. The organization cannot expect him to perfect the processes after the training so he will incur certain damages. When he finally gets his act together, the possibility for him to look for better job abroad presents itself.

Although the local businesses want to keep their best assets, they cannot. This is simply because local businesses could not match the compensation offered in the developed countries. An employee who wishes to provide a good future for his family would opt to work overseas where his income is six times greater than what he is earning in his country.

This also has adverse effect on healthcare industries. Some countries are losing their doctors to nursing. There are doctors who give up their profession to take up nursing because of better opportunities abroad. Nowadays, fewer students in the third world countries are pursuing medicine, while doctors slowly shift professions. If this trend continues, the health care industry in developing countries will surely suffer.

It is good to note that many developed countries are opening its doors for talented people from all over the world. However, this has also caused threatening situations in some portion of the world. Many nurses and doctors are leaving their country to wear their landaus scrubs in a more prosperous land. Engineers, pilots and other professionals are doing the same thing. If the government of these developing countries does not do something about it, they will lose their prized assets. Now is the best time to look into the factors that will make their professionals stay.

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