Young Girl Raped and Beheaded in Florida by Mexican Traffickers | Author: michael Webster

Young girl raped and beheaded in Florida by Mexican traffickers
June 30, 2008

As pointed out by this representative of the Florida Attorney General's office, it is impossible to separate national security issues from illegal immigration, and one of the most important illegal immigration issues in Florida is the issue of human trafficking. And as Jake at Freedom Folks notes (thanks for the tip), this story doesn't appear to have been covered by the news wires. (see related video reports below)

Here, a horrifying story is described of a little girl who, after being taken to the Florida panhandle from Mexico, resisted while being raped, and was subsequently made an example of by being beheaded in front of other girls being held to be raped repeatedly. The girls made to watch were then left in the room with the little girls body for several hours. Click here or Goolge for video (SOURCE:Hyscience)
This terror from Mexico must be dealt with. All the drug human trafficking and all the killings and beheadings in Mexico has moved north to the United States and no one seems to even acknowlege it is even happening much las doing anything about it. The main stream media does not seem to want to report all the crime coming from Mexico.
Law enforcement say they are doing what they can and they point to the following artilce we published earlier today;

"Dangerous gang members arrested along with over 200 others who were wanted for violent crimes in Operation Falcon 08. This massive effort was lead by the U.S. Marshals Service intended to catch people wanted on warrants for violent crimes, sex offenses and other felonies.

At the same time another massive law enforcement operation targeting violent street gangs in Los Angeles was taking place. Seventy members and associates of the Drew Street clique of the Avenues street gang have been named in a federal racketeering indictment. The leadership of the Drew Street gang – notably “shot-caller” Francisco “Pancho” Real, who is the lead defendant in the indictment – collects “taxes” from those who sell narcotics in the neighborhood, according to the indictment. A portion of the taxes is then paid by gang leaders to the Mexican Mafia. Drew Street gang members also raise funds for the Mexican Mafia by conducting armed home-invasion robberies and collecting extortion payments from area businesses. The Mexican Mafia allegedly authorized Francisco Real to take control of the Drew Street clique less than a year ago."

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