5 Tips For Women To Build Muscle And Look Great | Author: Taylor Ryan

We all want to gain muscle but not many women actually know how to do it. Well I am going to fill you in on a few tricks of the trade to help you be successful. No one wants to sweat to death at the gym only to see no results! So without further delay here are 5 tips for women to build muscle!

1. Its not the number of reps that matter but the intensity and sets. You should be lifting an amount that is near your max. Sets filled with only 6-10 reps are O.K. but you need to do more sets. Aim for 3-6 sets per exercise. This way you are going to get those muscles tired and have them building more muscle in no time.

2. Choose multi-joint exercises over single joint. What I mean by this is basically stop with the machines. These are targeted to one specific muscle and joint so you are not getting the most out of your time. For a full body workout stick with exercises (free weights) that are going to do more than just have you doing a curl. Exercises include (but not limited to): squats, lunges, pull ups, pushups, incline chest press, and the dead lift. These work not only the main muscles and joints but also stabilizer muscles and other assisting muscles.

3. Cut out processed sugars and white carbs. I know we all love chocolate and french fried but if you really want to look the best possible these treats should be saved to just one day per week. Choose whole wheat pasta over white and sweet potatoes over Idaho. Plus say no to calorie loaded drinks like sodas and fruit juices. If you want fruit then it is better to eat the real thing. This is going to help cut the fat out and get those muscles defined and showing boldly!

4. Eat after a workout. During workouts your body uses a great amount of energy sources to keep you going strong. So afterwards to help with recovery and muscle building eat a protein rich snack. Try a protein shake, BP&J, chicken... pretty much whatever you like that is not sugar and high in saturated fats. And always remember to drink plenty of water!

5. Cut down on cardio. If you are doing over 25-30 minutes of cardio during your workouts (most women do) then you might be doing too much. After this time your body is going to turn to its muscle storage for energy and who wants to lose what they are working to gain! I tend to keep my cardio workouts to 20-25 minutes, I still feel great afterwards and I know I am staying away from my lean muscle.

So there you have it. 5 tricks to look lean, strong, and muscular. Women building muscle is a great thing and following these tips will get you to where you want to be!

About the Author:

Taylor Ryan is a personal trainer dedicated to educating women to get the best body they can get. Her company TotalTonedWomensClub stresses the importance of weight training as a method to get the toned and strong body they want. Check out http://www.totaltonedwomensclub.com for more.

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