Waking Too Early? it May be Terminal Insomnia | Author: Bridgett Raffenberg

Have you been waking up way before your alarm clock buzzes, only to find that you can not get back to sleep? After it happens the first time you might have decided to just start the day early. You get up and actually get some things done before breakfast. Maybe getting up at 4am wasn’t too bad. But then your day gets terribly long and you find that you’re dragging by late afternoon. And what’s worse is that now this waking up at 4am is becoming a pattern. You are finding that you are waking up way too early and your mind is awake and ready to get up. As much as you try, you can not doze off. You have a problem.

According to a Natural Sleep Foundation survey, more than 50% of women aged 30 to 60 have trouble sleeping. When we think of insomnia it often conjures up getting into bed at night and than not being able to fall asleep. But, did you know that a pattern of waking up too early is also a form of insomnia? It is called terminal insomnia.

With terminal insomnia, sufferers wake too early in the morning. Many people with terminal insomnia have no trouble getting to sleep when they go to bed. They have little trouble staying asleep either. They just wake up too early. Many sufferers of terminal insomnia do not even realize they are suffering from a common form of insomnia. But when it becomes a recurring problem and your daily life suffers, you need to solve your insomnia issue.

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