Zig Zag Diet - Avoid Stalling by Tricking Your Metabolism Into Burning More Fat | Author: Dana Prince

Want to learn about shifting calories around so you can avoid a weight loss plateau?

By zig zagging your diet, you can avoid the plateau that happens when your body gets accustomed to your new way of eating. When we eat 1500 calories after having eating more than 2000 daily, our body starts melting away inches. But after a few weeks, (often six weeks) our metabolism adjusts to that 1500 calories and the weight loss efforts stall. By doing calorie shifting, you can trick your metabolism.

How To Shift Calories

If you follow a calorie shifting menu plan, some days you'll eat 1200 calories and some days you'll eat 2400 calories. On occasion, your biggest meal of the day will be at breakfast and on other days it'll be at two in the afternoon right between lunch and dinner. This is something that will keep your metabolism running high and burning off reserve fats.

What Should You Eat?

Eating on a calorie shifting plan is a personal choice if you're doing it alone. If you're following a regimented diet plan you'll probably have a menu you can use such as an online diet menu that you can generate based on your favourite foods. The great thing about the calorie shifting diet is that a lot of people testify that because they hate counting points or calculating calories, this plan is really helpful.

You can eat plenty of healthy food on this diet and try to replace refined carbs with plenty of fruits and vegetables. It's a good idea to take a multivitamin as well and this is the case with any diet you try because you want to feel your best and if you are depriving yourself of an essential vitamin or nutrient you're more likely to get cravings.

Dieting vs Restaurants

Eating at social gatherings and at restaurants can be tricky when you're on a diet. If possible, learn a bit about the menu before you go and try to choose foods that closely resemble the diet plan you'd follow at home. Brown bag your lunch for work as well and bring healthy foods to snack on for specified snack times to avoid the vending machine temptation that often lurks at work.

One of the things people like about this type of plan as well is the cheat days you can have. Part of the benefit of calorie shifting is the fact that you can have a few high calorie days where you eat whatever you want. These few days of feeding some cravings will help your metabolism work harder because of the shock to the system and then you'll be back on your zig zag diet before your body has had a chance to figure out what you're doing. There are online diet generators that can help you.

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