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Introduce them to a spoon and fork

Parents are constantly worried about how little their toddlers eat. It just never seems to be enough. What they don’t realize is that toddlers have very small stomachs, which fill up very quickly. One way to deal with this is have them eat more frequent meals.

Weaning toddlers off to the snack table is no easy task, as every parent knows. What they can do, however, is make eating a fun experience by adding lots of taste and variety in their diet.

Teaching table manners to toddlers may seem like a futile endeavor when you can’t even get them to sit still at the table. However, it has been observed that spoons and forks tend to give toddlers a ‘handle’ on the situation and eventually orient their attention properly towards their meals.

The introduction of table manners at an early age is essential and the implements with which you introduce your children to a proper eating experience will go a long way in making it all possible. So start off by buying the right kind of cutlery.

Make sure to buy:

  • tableware that is light-weight with a cushioned grip.
  • multicolored forks and spoons with stickers.
  • forks and spoons with round corners that don’t hurt your child.

Here are the steps to introduce toddlers to spoons and forks:

  • Introduce forks and spoons at the beginning of each meal.
  • Show them how to hold the spoon and fork and follow through by eating your meal with relish.
  • Show toddlers that it’s a ‘grown-up thing’ to do—allow them to serve and feed themselves with their brand new cutlery.
  • Whenever they put their hands directly into food, simply hand them a spoon.

When your toddlers sit quietly with a spoon, finishing their meals, don’t forget to praise them for good behavior.

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