Manhood - The Responsibility of the Man in the Society | Author: Belsheba Nyabwa

The duty of the male species in the society is quite taxing. Manhood has been defined in various ways and some of these definitions are completely misplaced. Being a man has got nothing to do with wearing sleeveless tops and showing off your muscles. I believe one major responsibility of a man is to take care of his family.

One thing that can't be in doubt is the fact that the man is a born leader. It is therefore imperative that men realize that this position comes with responsibilities. A man that fails in his obligation to take care of his family is an abuse to manhood and has lost his worth and honor as a leader. Even if he has no family to take care of, a man needs to set his priorities right if he is to receive the nobility of headship.

You may wonder where am heading with all this talk, but all said and done it all boils down to money. It is the one media by which the basic necessities of life like shelter, food and clothing can be acquired. The provision of these necessities to large extent defines a man's role in a family. Though recently women have joined in the fray, it is important for men to up their game and take the responsibility of providing for their families.

Men therefore, need to learn of ways to make money so as to provide for themselves and families. They must also know how to manage their finances if they are to make any impact in society. I believe that the destiny of humanity lies in men taking their responsibilities seriously.

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