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If you are looking at ways to guarantee how to have a baby boy, there are a number of ways to naturally improve the odds. Although rarely discussed, many couples would secretly prefer to have a mix of boys and girls in their families, but very few will ever do anything about this, leaving one of the most important family issues purely to chance.

It is only over the last few decades that the issue of wanting to choose your child has arisen. In times gone by, families were much larger and chances were that a mix of boys and girls was likely. However, the average sized family is now much smaller and there is therefore a much higher chance of having children of just one sex.

The man's sperm will determine the gender of the baby as the woman's egg is neither male or female. There are some tips on having a male baby and these can be used to your advantage to increase the odds of conceiving a boy.

* Male sperm are much faster than female sperm. However, female sperm live longer. This means that if you have intercourse at the time of ovulation, the fast male sperm are likely to reach the egg first. If you have intercourse a few days prior to ovulation, the male sperm are likely to have died off by the time ovulation occurs, leaving the slower moving, longer living female sperm ready and waiting to fertilize the egg. In addition, if orgasm occurs close to the cervix, this increases the chances of a boy, whereas nearer to the entrance of the vagina facilitate the likelihood of a girl being conceived.

* Diet can sway the odds in favor of having a baby boy. A diet rich in dairy foods can help, as can eating saltier foods. In addition, a calorific intake which exceeds the daily requirement can improve the chances of having a boy, as can ensuring that all the necessary nutrients are consumed daily.

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