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There isn't anything more precious in this world than a beautiful newborn baby. One of the greatest joys in life comes from being the parent of a healthy baby boy or girl. The deep, emotional bond between mother and child begins in the womb. But not everyone is able to experience this joy in their lives, due to several factors, including age, and ailments like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts. If you are experiencing difficulties with getting pregnant, and have considered in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or intra-uterine insemination (IUI), or you taking dangerous fertility drugs, you may be putting your life, as well as the life of your potential child, at risk. The best approach to getting pregnant is always the natural and holistic approach.

But what is the correct way of using a natural and holistic approach in order to get pregnant quickly? Due to my own issues with fertility, I have done extensive research into the various safe and natural methods of getting pregnant. I would like to share with you four of the many secret tips I have learned for getting pregnant.

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Unfortunately, because so many women are desperate to get pregnant, drug and pharmaceutical companies are selling expensive prescription fertility pills in hopes of cashing in on this desperation. And of course many snake oil salesmen have appeared with fraudulent claims of instant fertility cures. These fertility drugs have been proven to lead to an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. The truth of the matter is that infertility is a message telling your body that something is wrong on the inside. Instead of relying on dangerous prescription pills to get pregnant, you should take the route that Mother Nature has provided. There are many different vitamins and minerals you should be taking right now to improve your fertile health, and there are vitamins and minerals that your significant other should be taking as well to help with the process. This includes Vitamin C, which boosts sperm mobility, and zinc, which will maintain his testosterone levels and sperm count.

Avoid Fertility Treatments and Surgeries like the Plague

If you are currently having difficulties getting pregnant, you may believe that you have to resort to expensive and painful medical procedures, such as IVF and IUI. But these types of treatments often do more harm than good, and can lead to some very serious consequences for your child, including increased risk of premature birth and 9 times the risk of developing cerebral palsy. This is why natural methods of getting pregnant are always the safest route, because it increases the chances of your baby being a healthy and vibrant child.

Eat the Best Foods for Fertility and Avoid Foods That Lead to Infertility

As mentioned previously, infertility is a sure-shot sign that there is something wrong on the inside. And of course one of the best means of keeping your internal system in order and more conducive to getting pregnant, is by being selective about what you eat and don't eat. There are many foods that will assist you in your efforts to become pregnant, such as whole grain breads, beans, and full-fat dairy products.  There are also foods and beverages that can decrease your chances of conceiving significantly, in some cases as much as 50%.

Always Use the Holistic Approach

If you notice one thing in common about the other three tips, they involve a strategy for getting pregnant naturally, without the use of medicines, chemicals, or fertility surgery procedures. Your body has been naturally designed to provide the best environment for your baby to grow. Any interference with this system can lead to many problems down the line. While you may be on the hunt for shortcuts, the quickest way to get pregnant is typically the natural way.

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