Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power - Revealed | Author: Madison Greene

With a new emphasis on alternative energy, it is no wonder people all over are starting to use the benefits of solar power. It is certainly an everlasting energy source, as long as there is the sun, there will be available solar power.

One advantage of this alternative power is that it is a very available energy source for electricity. However, there are also some disadvantages to solar energy that you should be aware of.

It's best to research all of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power before you actually have a system installed on your home. If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then you'll know that setting up your home for solar enerfgy is the right decision for you.

The Short-term Cost of Solar Energy: A Disadvantage

The sun's rays are free, they beat down naturally on earth, however, it costs a lot of money to actually set up solar cells and other solar equipment on your home. Just the equipment to power a pool can cost thousands of dollars. It is very important that you diligently research all costs associated with powering any part of your home before you do it.

Ask questions about warrantee's, how much repairs cost if necessary etc. One great long-term cost advantage to going solar is that you will never have to pay another bill from your power company.

Talk To Neighbors Who Use Solar Power

The best way to learn firsthand the advantages and disadvantages of alternative power is to talk to people who actually have solar cells set up on their homes. These people have nothing to gain by lying so you should get a very honest account of what it means to live off of solar power.

If you live in the suburbs you should easily be able to find someone in your neighborhood that already has solar power. Another great way to learn more about this enrgy source is to go to a store that sells the solar equipment and ask them if they have any testimonials or a customer list. Get a hold of these poeple and ask questions about solar energy.

Make sure that you contact more than one person. That will not only help you understand the advantages and disadvantages to solar power, but it will also give you a chance to get feedback on that store's level of service.

You may hear responses like, "It's very expensive to set it up initially but otherwise it's great," or, "I've saved so much money from going solar over the years it's not even funny." However, you may also hear things like, "If there's no sun, you don't get that much power. The reserves do not last that long and I'm sick and tired of all this solar nonsense."

If you get mixed reviews from several people, make two columns and add the two up. Then, you should get a good idea how people feel about their alternative power.

Read Solar Power Forums

Forums are another great tool to hear, or read, firsthand how people feel about their solar setups. When people post things on a forum, they know it's anonymous so you should also get a very honest representation of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power. Compare the list you get from the forums with the list you got from talking to people and then make your decision.

As you can see the most important aspect to buying solar power for your home is talking to other people, doing your own cost research, and then determining if it is right for you. Correctly weighing the advantages and disadvantages will help you make the choice that is right for you.

If you plan to live in your home only for another year or so, it may not be worth the cost, but on the other hand you could end up saving yourself a lot of money in the long run by going solar if you stick around for five years or more.

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