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There are many ways that a person can go about reducing the effects of climate change. Many of the world’s leading scientists are saying that global warming is already here, so doing things to reduce it’s effect on climate change is about all that people can do right now. People around the world are becoming more creative with how they do their part to reducing the effects of climate change; things that anyone can do. It is just a matter of doing it. Below is a list of twenty different things a person can do to reduce the effect of climate change:

1. Change all the light bulbs in the house to compact fluorescent light bulbs.
2. Use alternative methods of transportation, such as walking, riding a bike, purchasing a hybrid vehicle or car pooling.
3. Design and build your own solar cooker to cook your own food instead of using that horrible, energy wasting oven and stove.
4. Stop purchasing bottled water. Not only is most of it simply tap water, a lot of energy and water is wasted in bottling water.
5. Eat less meat. Raising livestock uses up a lot of water, and a lot of energy is used in processing the meat.
6. Take the excess concrete off your property and plant trees, shrubs and flower in its place.
7. Move into a smaller, more practical house. A mansion is just a major waste of space and a horrible drain on resources.
8. Wash laundry in cold water and hang it to dry outside.
9. Start a home business; this will take away the need to travel from the home.
10. Pay the bills online. Why use paper when you can view everything online?
11. Make your own, re-usable fabric bags or purchase them and avoid using plastic or paper.
12. Purchase local food.
13. Purchase goods that are not over-packaged.
14. Live a simpler life. Only purchase the things you really need.
15. Be creative with your trash. Decorate soup tins into pen holders, etc.
16. Give green gifts, like growing a flower in a decorated pot and giving it to your mother on Mother’s Day.
17. Use white vinegar for some of the cleaning.
18. Time the showers and avoid baths. If you’re brave enough, you can have a cool shower.
19. Purchase a lawn mower that doesn’t require electricity or gasoline.
20. Get rid of the lawn and replace it with a rock garden.

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