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The greatest magicians in the world are entertainers first and con jurors second. Magicians thrill audiences around the world with illusions and sleight-of-hand. The art form is thought to be based on misdirection, but that description is misleading. Misdirection is just one of the many psychological principles that magicians exploit to produce illusion.

Among the greatest practitioners of the art of deception, Tony Slydini was the master of misdirection. This self-taught wizard arrived in Boston as a young immigrant from Argentina. He was born Quintino Marucci in Foggia, Italy.

Dai Vernon was known as the Professor. He was a lifelong student of magic and a brilliant card worker. Vernon said the only magician who could still fool him was Slydini.

Vernon was known as the man who fooled Houdini. Dai used a little known gimmick to amaze Houdini, who insisted Vernon repeat the trick over and over. Houdini cursed and stormed off. Vernon fooled him badly.

Of course, no list of great magicians would be complete without Harry Houdini. While Houdini started out as a magician, it wasn't until he developed his escape act (at the strong suggestion of a major vaudeville promoter) that Harry took off for the big time.

Max Malini (about whom Dai Vernon wrote a book called, "Max Malini and His Magic") was a legend in his time for his bold magic, but even more so for his bold personality.

Doug Henning, star of the Broadway hit "The Magic Show," revolutionized the performance of magic and inspired many to take up magic. Among those inspired by Henning is Brian McGovern.

Brian McGovern, is by far the greatest magician who has ever lived on his block. This New York magician combines comedy with magic to create a fantastic show.

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Ricky Jay is one of the finest card magicians and entertainers alive. His show, "Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants," is one of the greatest shows to catch.

Bill Malone combines magic, comedy and brilliant improvisational skills to the delight of audiences around the world. Malone is a very busy entertainer, featured at corporate events.

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