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'Hollywood movies' have become famous the world over. Hollywood has produced some fine movies, which have been immortalized in the minds of moviegoers forever. The industry has experimented successfully with every genre of filmmaking. Be it romance, horror, comedy or patriotic movies, every subject has been touched upon. Amongst the large number of films made every year, there are some that stand out and can be counted among the most famous of Hollywood movies ever made.

One of the earliest such movies was The Predators, which was a work of science and fiction together. It is a movie where foreign technology can be seen at its best. Another such old movie is The Fortress made in 1986 where Sean Garlick and Rachel Ward are seen performing various stunts, playing a queer relationship. The cast has great synchronization among themselves.

Peter Jackson developed an ambitious trilogy from a literary masterpiece called Lord of the Rings originally written by J.R.R.Tolkien. This movie belongs to the genre of fantasy where the motive is to present the imagination in pure form rather than recreate it. 'Speed' is another such movie starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, which was an original masterpiece. The scenes of the movie leave us mesmerized with their dynamic flow with a nail biting finish.

While mentioning Hollywood movies, if we do not mention Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible then it would be like enjoying a cake without having the icing. The movie was a celebrated directorial piece from Brian de Palma. This was an original trendsetter of mind-blowing action with superb camera tricks.

In the Troy there is a slow moving action with terrific camera work and martial art skills of Keanu Reeves who has Anne Moss as his heroine. The heart-throbbing actor Brad Pitt has created history with his superb acting. The film is highly significant for its drama and action. Mortal Kombat 2, where the fights are well choreographed, is the choice for lovers of acrobatic and martial art skills. Action was conveyed through close combat and good angles. Female power is no less than that of men in showing stunts. An obvious example for this can be Tom Raider enacted by Angelina Jolie, not to forget Charlies Angels.

If we need to see mystic powers at play, we can opt for The Mummy and Mummy Returns. It is a classical movie describing the theme of forbidden love. The people having love for wrestlers will like the movie named The Scorpio King. It creates a lasting effect on the mind with its romantic and aggressive theme.

There are many other very popular movies like Star Wars with its realistic looking science fiction story and Pirates of Caribbean bringing us near sea voyages and ruthlessness.

Michael J. Fox too made a movie named Independence Day with its hard-hitting dialogues. We have many movies belonging to the same pattern of action enacted by Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Bruce Willis.

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