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Law of Attraction Accelerator - Put Your Weight behind the Thoughts   by Aldian Prakoso

In the Science of Getting Rich one of the most powerful concepts is the Law of Attraction Accelerator. What exactly is this? Looks complicated and difficult isn't it? You can't be further from the truth. It is actually a very simple principle. What do you do when you speed up on the road? Do you look here and there at the scenery? A normal person would concentrate on the road ahead. Now, using this analogy what would you do if you want to speed up on your way to wealth and success. FOCUS. Yes, that is exactly what I would do.

Once you have made up your mind and have the big picture in your mind, go for it. Don't hesitate. Don't look around. Go right ahead with the gas pedal hitting the floor.

Now, I know wringing the neck doesn't fetch a great picture in the mind. But, please pardon me; this is what we are required to do. Have you ever seen a sugarcane thresher? Maybe you haven't. But let me tell you, it squeezes out every drop of sugarcane juice from the cane. If it did not, it wouldn't be doing its job. So, you might well ask. Am I supposed to behave like a sugarcane thresher? Well, I would say, yes and at the same time no. Yes, because that's what focus is all about. You can't wish to be something but not work towards it. And why not? Because we are on this earth to enjoy. Be happy. Realize our dreams. Not get squeezed. But expand. Our thoughts should encompass the whole universe. If we accomplish what we want doesn't mean others are going to be deprived. Not at all. There is enough of happiness going around in the universe. There should be a feeling of plenty, not of scarcity.

That's where putting your weight behind your thoughts comes in. Once you have decided on what you want, you should put all your might to achieve it. The universe will multiply your efforts a thousand times and reflect it back to you. This is the Law of Attraction's essence.

You may think from the above statements that it would be a monumental task to achieve this concentration. And let me tell you, it couldn't be easier. The crux of the idea is to be positive and device ways to remain in this positive frame of mind. The universe and the Law of Attraction would do the rest. Just get on to the path of success and start driving towards your destination. The rest would be taken care of by nature. As you move down the road to success, events and situations would be created which would accelerate and speed you up towards your true destiny. You have to just focus on your destination. Rest would be taken care of.

It looks so simple. Yet most of us flounder on the way. As soon as we see the first bump on the road, we lose heart and change direction. And when we meander all over the place, we wonder how we got there in the first place.

The Law of Attraction is universal. If you have positive thoughts they would get absorbed by the universe and rebound back manifold. The same goes for negative thoughts. Remember, the universe is neutral. Like a mirror. If you send out negative signals, you will see negativity reflected around you. So you have to be careful. Always think positively. The more you think positively, more positive things will happen to you. And it will all add up.

And focus is all important. Imagine your mind to be a lens. When you hold the lens against the light, what happens? It collects all the dispersed light and points it at one specific point. And then it burns the patch you are holding the lens on. Don't you think the same is happening to your thoughts? Indeed it is. The more focused you are, more likely you will set a scorching pace towards success. Get rid of negativity. It disperses your energy. Get hold of positive thoughts by the scruff of the neck and keep twisting till the essence is realized.

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