9 Myths About Being Single at Christmas   by Susan Dunn, MA, Dating Coach

More than 48% of US households are headed by unmarried individuals. The American Association for Single People projects that by 2010, 47.2% of adults will be unmarried. Being single does not mean being alone, not does being in a couple for the holidays insure happiness. Let's dispel some myths!

Myth: Single people are lonely at Christmas. Reality: No moreso than anyone else. This is a projection of people who fear "being alone for the holidays," a fear of the unknown.

Myth: Single people need you to invite them over to your celebration. Reality: Contrary to perceptions, single people are v. popular at Christmas, and we generally receive lots of invitations. If you want us over, invite us, but because you like us, not because you think we need it.

Myth: Single people don't know what to do for the holidays. Reality: On the contrary, we are used to planning our social lives actively, good at generating options, and used to making unilateral decisions. We're pros!

Myth: Single people are available to perform certain social tasks during the holiday celebration. Reality: We like to be cherished guests. We don't like to be the steer among the bulls - invited to get people who don't get along off of one another's throats. If you don't like your family and friends, why would we? "Can you come over and help out with Aunt Edna?" is not an invitation.

Myth: Single people are available to do certain physical tasks during the holiday celebration. Reality: Nor is this an invitation: "It's John's in-laws and I want to impress them. Can you come over and help with the hors d'oeuvres?" As best-friend, yes; as the only working-guest, absolutely not.

Myth: Single people are misfits, outsiders.
Reality: On the contrary, most of us have highly developed Emotional Intelligence skills; that's the reason we get the 'rescue us' invitations! Outsiders? It's about half the adult world now. Take another look!

Myth: If a single person isn't part of a couple, or doesn't spend Christmas with a couple or family, they will be miserable. Reality: Come on now. Is it so horrible to celebrate Christmas on a cruise to the Caribbean, coming back rested, tanned and relaxed?

Myth: The only "happy" way to spend the holidays is if you are a couple or part of a family. Reality: If that were so, half the articles on the Internet this time of year wouldn't be about how to cope with the annual holiday dinner with the relatives, and the divorce rate in the US wouldn't be 50%.

Myth: Single people have "nowhere to go" for the holidays.
Reality: Nowhere to go? We have everywhere to go! I loved my years as Mrs. Santa. Now I'm on-the-go. I'm thinking about Germany this year. There are so many places to go I can't decide!!

In fact I have so many neat ideas for spending Christmas on-your-own, if you're stuck email me!

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