Movie review - Pursuit of Happyness   by Adam

The pursuit of Happyness is an excellent movie starring Will Smith and his real life son. In this movie Will plays a struggling independant salesman who is optimistic depsite the hard times his family is going through.

The movie based on real life events, portrays Chris Gardner, who through perservance and the "pursuit" of a much better lifestyle, gains his finacial freedom.

After his sales osteo bone density scanner venture takes multiple turns for the worse, Will's charcater and family, must struggle even harder than they had to before. When Linda (Chris' partner) leaves him and son Christopher, Chris is forced to look at his life differently. After a chance meeting outside a brokerage, Chris' life takes a dramatic turn. Applying for an internship that has zero salary, while trying to sell his scanners. Chris Gardner must double-time his efforts. After the IRS gets involved, Chris has to make do with what is literally at his fingertips. An emotional rollercoatser, this movie really earns its stripes.

Will Smith does an excellent job accurately displaying his characters emotions. His hard times as a salesman and as a father. His struggle, his journey, his success.

Personally I believe this movie to be his best. It is filled with such emotion and you can feel the energy that was put into this film. Defiantely one to rent and to buy.

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