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Being a good student means you have the ability to think. This is because the power of reasoning does not come automatically along with your intelligence. They are a separate entity. It is an ability and we the ones who have to develop them. Sharp thinking should be nourished and put to use until it grows because this will lead to a great mind.

Here are some useful tips that you can do to develop a sharp thinking:

1. Gauge your actions versus the consequences.

We learn through experiencing things. It is called applied learning. But our actions can either go into two ways; good outcome or bad outcome. What we should do is to be able to measure what actions we have to do against all the consequences whatever they may be, think before you act, so to speak.

2. Daydream.

Daydreaming can produce better and deep insights about life and about things we seldom think about. There we experience what we want and define what will happen. It can also make our minds be more creative. They say daydreaming is just a nuisance and a disturbance but actually when done appropriately will exceed that of the sharpest mind.

3. Answer thought-provoking questions.

You have got to challenge the limit of your mind by provoking how far your answers can go. How appropriate your answers are and how satisfying they can be to the question.

4. Learn to invent.

You have to discover how to do things your own way and invent it using different methods. In this way your mind will perceive all as different paths toward the same direction. This is a good way of saying that whatever path you choose, you will never get lost. Do not rely on pre-defined ways because sticking to this and only this will not get you anywhere should something come up.

5. Find different angles of the problem.

If you are presented with a problem it is better that you learn how to look at it in different angles so that you can solve it also in different ways. Looking at a problem in a defined manner will not bring as many solutions as there could be.

6. Comparison is better.

When given different situations compare them to one another. In the same manner when you are only given one option, you have you make another one and compare the two. This way your mind will seek better if not best option among all.

7. Definition of terms.

You need to be able to define the terms you will use in order for you to be clear on what you really mean. Sometimes words can be used wrongly that is why confusion and misunderstanding come into play.

8. Have several opinions.

If you are facing a certain issue, you will need different opinions regarding this to come up with your own way of handling the issue. Great minds are open to different outlooks.

9. Be able to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Great minds do not think only of themselves and what they do. They also think of how someone will react, feel and think of the tables are turned.

10. Write stuffs.

The power of pen on paper can be greater than any great mind. They can remember even the faintest ideas while great minds can forget.

11. Think one step ahead.

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