The Power Of Freedom   by Dwayne Gilbert

Freedom is a word that is often used by people. I am free. But I find myself wondering much of the time if people really understand what being free really is. Freedom has nothing to do with what someone else tells you that you can or cannot do. Freedom is about having options for a solution to different situations. Imagine pulling up to a four way stop sign, at that moment you have the freedom to go four directions. You can go straight, right, left, sitting still, or turning around. Now imagine traveling down a narrow alley. At this point, you only have two options, keep going, or stop and sit still. Learning to recognize where you limit yourself and narrow your options is key in developing freedom for yourself.

Letting go of what we expect to happen can be a major step in developing freedom. Freedom really is a state of mind. The ability to recognize options as they present themselves as well as being ok with what happens can be essential in discovering freedom in your life. Know what you want out of your life, of course. You must know what you want, but you must also be ok with letting the universe deliver to you what you need to get to where you want to go. Let go of the exact way you think it has to happen and begin to recognize options. Begin to open your mind to the world around you. If you only have one option, you are nothing more than a machine. Machines do one thing, and that one thing depends on what they are programmed to do. If you have two options, you are at a point where you have a problem. This or that. Many times people limit themselves to one or two options and never realize that their are infinite options. The more options you create, the closer to freedom you get.

Let's take a look at a common situation that many people tend to only see one or two options and never realize freedom because of it. Most people believe and are taught that the best way to make money in our society is to go find a good job. If they want more money, they limit themselves to two options. Find another job that pays more or get a part time job during their free time. What they don't realize is that they have limited themselves. They only have a certain number of hours a week and can only make so much per hour. No matter how many jobs they get, their is a cap to their ability to earn. Unless they are in the top 3% of jobs that make millions of dollars they can never find financial freedom with this solution. They have limited their options because of their thinking and beliefs. What if instead they opened their minds to other options. They could start a part time business in their free time. They could start writing a book. They could begin to record music and mailing it out to companies. They could take a hobby they love and start doing it on the side to make some extra money. They could invest in stocks. They could do a million other things. So why don't they? Because they have limited their options again.

Sometimes people do see these other options, but limit themselves once they are in that paradigm.
They might realize that they can make money in stocks or start a business, but they limit their options again. Let us say for example that someone starts a lawn mowing business. They believe that cutting other peoples grass is the way to make more money, and it is in a lawn cutting business. But often times they fail to realize that they could pay high school kids a few bucks to go cuts lawns for them allowing them to cut five at a time instead of just one themselves. Or that there are other options than just cutting grass. They could plant grass for people. They could move into total landscaping. They could prune and trim trees. They could do a huge number of things involved with peoples yards. But by limiting their options to cutting grass, they again are unable to find the freedom that screams from within inside them. That is if they take action at all and are not frozen by the fear of possible failure.

Most people limit their options simply because they would rather stay where they are familiar with things but miserable than break outside those boundries and take a bit of a risk for the chance of success in return. Learn to chase your dreams no matter the cost and open up to the options that are there. If you simply begin to chase your dream, options will open up and show you the way. Many times we become attached to what we want to happen or the way we think it has to happen and we close ourselves off to other opportunities. We cling to one option and limit our freedom to that one thing having to be it. Nature does not work this way, so why should we. There are literally hundreds of species of trees. God didn't make just one type of tree and hope that it worked. he made thousands of types of trees so that even if a few failed, there would still be thousands of others that could survive. There are literally thousands of types of insects and animals. There different types of water. Salt water, sulfur water, ice, fresh water, and hundreds of other types of water. All serving a purpose but allowing for options. If god works this way, why would we limit ourselves to one or two options and never open up to more. It seems much smarter to work as god would work and as nature would work and open ourselves up to other options.

About the Author

Dwayne Gilbert is the founder of and has been helping and inspiring people to realize and create the life of their dreams for over 10 years.He has devoted his life to helping other people realize the freedom they all hold within themselves. To learn more about the law of attraction and how to apply it, visit