Living Your Dream in a Foreign Country   by Suzanne Marie Bandick

What do you do when you have a dream that is so big and bold that to live it you need to move to another country?

The dream for my husband and I was to live in a tropical place with palm trees and beautiful beaches. Mexico beckoned to us invitingly. "Come play here," is what we kept hearing.

Then our questions came: Will it work out? Can we really do it? Is it possible for us?

When I look back at our decision and what it took to make our dream happen - leaving friends and family, leaving our beautiful house, leaving the majority of our stuff behind, leaving a secure income, leaving the known to go live in the unknown (and doing it with kids)..........I can see that if we were not clear in our choice it would have been very, very hard to pursue this dream.

We actually did do all that and more because we were very clear on what our dream was and we knew in our heart of hearts we could make it work - that there was something special for us here in Mexico.

It turns out our inner guidance guided us well.
We didn't leave it all - we gained it all. The only thing that was important in Canada to us was our friends and family and we still have them (although many refuse to stay there and keep coming to visit us here). We now have even more friends in our lives and so many beautiful experiences. We are living an adventure and have given our children an experience they would have not otherwise had.

Is living this dream we chose all a bed of roses? Nope - no way. Of course we have our challenges. Who wouldn't have some challenges living in a foreign country? Did I mention we have kids? Kids alone can be a challenge. I will say though that if part of your dream is adventure - you have a winner here. I love the adventure of living in and exploring another country. Anyway, who is going to focus on the challenges when you are busy living your dream?

I have learned we can choose where we want to live and we can choose our reality. One person's fantasy is another's reality.

If you feel a dream to live in another country in your heart - in your gut - if you can hear the call, there is a reason for that and it needs to be honored in some form. Sometimes you just have to take the first steps and see what happens. At least ask the questions you need to so that you can decide if this really is for you. Then if it really is your dream - figure out the way to live it! Maybe I'll see you in Playa soon.

About the Author

Suzanne Marie Bandick is a Life Coach and the author of: Only in Mexico, You Say? The Humorous Side of Living in Mexico. Visit or

Suzanne Marie Bandick is a Canadian who is currently living her dream with her husband and two children in a tropical paradise with warm sand, warm ocean and palm trees. They live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Her motto is "Live the Adventure." Now, she writes books on the adventures and help others live their dreams and their adventures through her Life Coaching practice using the Law of Attraction.