The Law of Attraction and Living in a Foreign Country   by Suzanne Marie Bandick

The Law of Attraction states that what we think about, picture and talk about will manifest or be attracted into our life. There are no exceptions to this rule. Like the Law of Gravity, we do not have to see it working to experience the result.

The Law of Attraction does not care whether what you are thinking about, picturing, and talking about is good for you or not - just as the Law of Gravity does not care that the glass you just dropped was an antique from your grandmother.

So, you are living in a foreign country - will the experience be positive or negative? Will you meet nice, friendly people or mean ones trying to rip you off? Will you find the perfect accommodation or not? Will it be easy to settle in or hard?

To answers the questions is really quite simple; where is your attention? Is life a school of hard knocks or easy?
What are your beliefs about the people, the culture, your life? Whatever your beliefs are and whatever you focus on will become your reality. It's guaranteed. Drop two people in the same town for a day and sometimes when they describe it you will wonder if it was the same town.

We just need to look around us to see the evidence of the Law of Attraction working all around us. It is working in our relationships, our housing, the car we drive, the amount of money we have, the things that come into our life, and the people we meet.

Oprah did a show in February on a much talked about DVD that highlights this Law of Attraction. It is called The Secret. My guess is, if Oprah did a show on it that it is not much of a secret anymore. This is good for us all as it helps bring into the world the concept that not only can we choose where we live but we can choose our reality.

Suzanne Marie Bandick is a Life Coach and the author of: Only in Mexico, You Say? The Humorous Side of Living in Mexico.

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Suzanne Marie Bandick is a Canadian who is currently living her dream with her husband and two children in a tropical paradise with warm sand, warm ocean and palm trees. They live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Her motto is "Live the Adventure." Now, she writes books on the adventures and help others live their dreams and their adventures through her Life Coaching practice using the Law of Attraction.