Are you 'using' the Secret and the Law of Attraction? by Zoe Routh

vibrates in waves and that energy is attracted to energy of similar frequency. Knowing this makes it an awful lot easier to tune in to the things you do want in your life and let go of the things you do not.

All this talk about 'using' the secret and the Law of Attraction is really about developing your awareness. Your awareness, or consciousness, can be fine-tuned like a radio antenna so that you are a better and more accurate receiver of the frequencies you desire. So rather than having a scrambled signal, or a random one, you become more specific and highly tuned in to the things you do want.

This is what people are really talking about when they refer to 'using' the secret; they are encouraging you to develop your awareness antenna and set it to the frequencies you most desire. This is how you become a conscious creator of your own life.

So how do you fine tune your antenna? There are a ton of ways to develop your awareness. Getting clear on what you truly desire is one of the key fundamentals that pretty much every teacher of the Law of Attraction talks about first. Otherwise your awareness dial keeps flicking from one 'station' to the next - you never really get set to receive something specific.

Using journals, vision boards, and scripting are all ways of getting some focus to start with.

The next stage of tuning your antenna is to eliminate interference, static, or resistance in your frequency. Resistance or interference appears as 'conflicting intentions'. For example, you may intensely desire something, but wonder why it is not showing up for you. If it is not showing up, there is only one reason: you are sending conflicting signals (vibrations) and there is no clear pattern of energy waves for the universe to respond to. These conflicting signals are otherwise known as 'conflicting intentions'. This means that even though you desire something intensely, there is something on an emotional level (conscious or subconscious) that is resisting this. It might be fear of the unknown, or maybe achieving the goal might lead to further complications. For example, getting a new job might mean a greater and longer commute with less time with the kids, even though it would bring more money and more prestige. This is a conflicting intention. Therefore no new job appears on the horizon, despite you intensely desiring it.

Part of the work around the Law of Attraction and becoming a conscious creator is about dissolving these conflicting intentions. Easier said than done. Sometimes it is easy and simply becoming aware of them is enough to dissolve them. However, often these are long-held beliefs and patterns of resistance and more deliberate dissolving techniques are required.

Working with an experienced coach can also dissolve blocks a lot more quickly than working your own. You can check out Zoe Routh's coaching services at the main Inner Compass website.

Here's to you and your heightened awareness: may it bring everything you desire and more.

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