Vision Boards - Hype or The Real Deal. by Ralph Michaels

The recent publicity surrounding The Secret has heightened increased interest in the whole phenomenon of The Law of Attraction. Some of the frequently asked questions are: does it really work and if so can it work for anyone? For now there are more questions than answers but as the idea gains momentum so will the resistance to accept it as a genuine universal principle fade away. One of the concepts expounded in The Secret was Vision Boards. This is a simple yet powerful visualization tool which according to the secret can activate the law of attraction to begin manifesting your dreams into reality.

Vision board - also referred to as treasure map is certainly not a new concept. History shows that it must have been around for generations. But since the release of the Secret it has gained renewed interest especially as one of the speakers in the DVD related a story of how he used a vision board to obtain his dream house. More and more probing questions are being asked and what they really want to know is if there's truth behind the claims that this stuff works. Of course the answer is a resounding yes from dedicated followers of the secret. They will readily point to several people, both living and dead, who have used vision boards in one format or the other to achieve their goals.

What Exactly is A Vision Board?

Vision boards are visual representations of everything you want to be or have in your life. It can be a poster in which you stick cut-out pictures, drawings or writings to. These pictures or writings should represent the things you want to do or have in life. And the whole idea of the vision board is that as you look at these pictures or writings you should be filled with emotion and passion which will in turn activate the universal force to begin to attract those things you are visualizing into your life. This is in relation to the law of attraction which states that we attract into our lives anything we give attention to, regardless of whether we do it consciously or unconsciously or whether it is positive or negative.

How To Create A Successful Vision Board.

Before creating a vision board you should first assemble the materials together. These include a cardboard poster; an assortment of magazines; glue; scissors. You'll also want to have internet access so that you can make research and print out pictures you might not find in the magazines. The vision board you create will only be limited by the extent of your creativity. But whether it is basic or sophisticated the most important element is that it should be functional. The elements of a functional and well designed vision board should be able to answer the following questions:

i. Does the pictures and writing evoke positive emotional response from you?
ii. Are the pictures, words and phrases very clear and visible?
iii. Is the vision board in a strategically placed position?
iv. How proud are you of your vision board?
v. Does your vision board speak to you personally?

Once you have answered these questions then you can begin to put the various elements of the vision board together. You should now compile your pictures, sort through them and pick out the ones that impact you most emotionally. Arrange and glue them creatively on the board and finally position the board in a strategic location where it will have the most exposure. However this is not a finished product because from time to time you'll need to be updating your vision board as you get renewed inspiration. You might find that a particular picture, word or phrase doesn't give you that emotional impact anymore. In that case you'll need to replace it with something that does. Thus your vision board is never complete as long as new inspiration comes to you.

In conclusion vision boards can be an important tool in your success tool box. The first step is to figure out what you want in life and then commit them into your vision board. Then you let the law of attraction take over to pull your dreams into reality.

About the Author

Ralph is an avid follower of The Law of Attraction and Bob Proctor. He runs an informational website that gives you access to The Secret and Bob's resources. Make sure you go to his site to pick up a FREE report of Bob Proctor's latest interview on Attraction Accelerator