Vision Boards Demystified by Vic Ocampo

What is a vision board? It's a mere board of any color or design that has all your dreams pasted to it. May it be cut outs of your dream car, your dream house, your dream partner or just about anything. Your vision board is your collection of all your dreams and aspirations in life. It's great to have this because it generates a feeling in you to aim high and achieve all your goals. Think of it as a map. Take things one at a time... Achieve your goals one at a time and then you'd just realize you are living your dreams.

How does it work? Well, have you heard of the law of attraction? What you think, you attract into your life. Having a vision board helps you visualize and remember all your dreams. Be positive. Aim to achieve all your goals and aim to get all that you dream for. The law of attraction says that when you wish for something, the universe will always say yes and it will give your wish to you.

Vision boards should be placed somewhere that you would often see it. It should be placed where you would most frequent like let's say your office or your bedroom. Take time everyday to look at your vision board and visualize everything. Visualize that you already have them and that you're already living your dream life. Remember, imagination is the key.

Vision boards are so powerful and effective.
A vision board is a true testament to the law of attraction. Those who have their vision boards and who continually look at it and visualize all that they pasted there would attest that it is indeed effective. Positive thinking, yes, that's what we are driving at here. Stay positive and you will get positive results. Think negative and you will get negative results. Vision boards contain everything positive and it gives you a positive feeling, a good feeling which is why it is so effective.

Everyone should have one vision board or you can make as many vision boards as you want. The more vision boards, the better. If you could have vision boards in every corner of your house then that is good. That will make you stay positive no matter where you turn. The more positive you are the better.

The only thing you should avoid though is to be too excited and be disappointed. Some dreams may take time but it will always come. The universe is like your genie and it always grant your wishes. Remember, positive thinking. If you wish for something and it does not turn up when you expect it to, don't get furious about it. Don't say that it does not work because then you project that image in your mind and the universe reacts to that and it will give you exactly that. So always stay positive and everything will be given to you... all that you ever wanted and wished for will be given to you.

About the Author

Vic Ocampo is a web designer and an internet entrepreneur who runs several sites such as - a site that shows you how to make vision boards easily at a click of a mouse.