Learn how to Dream Lucidly   by Shane Thompson

In this short article on learning how to dream lucidly we will cover what it is to dream lucidly, why would you want to dream this way and how you can get started.

Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming while dreaming. The Lucid Dream world around you seems as 'real' as the one you're in now. In a lucid dream,you will have power over your dream, for example, being able to fly, overcome a phobia or visualizing yourself achieving the goals you want. It is like being a director of your own movie.

When we were children we often had lucid dreams. We gradually "lose" this natural ability,as we grow older. You need to learn how to tap into that part of your brain "on demand."

Some possible uses for your lucid dreaming can include:

Goal achievement, Fun, Problem Solving, Writing fiction, Composing music, Adventure and excitement, Treatment of nightmares, Public speaking, Revisit previous dreams or experiences.

Some Facts to think about:

We spend one third of our lives sleeping. Everybody dreams. People dream an average of one to two hours every night, and have between four to seven dreams.

To learn how to dream lucidly you must start with improving your dream recall i.e. how many dreams you can remember. Keep a pen and paper at your bedside so that you can record you dreams when you get up in the morning. After a few days you will see great improvement in your dream recall.

Some of the factors which affect the chance for you to experience lucid dreams are: - Meditation, - Hypnotism and - Induction techniques.

Learning how to dream lucidly is not as difficult as you think. You now know that you can dream lucidly because you have already done it before (starting as a child). You now know that it can be used for your benefit. You have control in your lucid dreams. You have also learnt that it is a skill which can be acquired by anyone.

In my next article I will cover Meditation and how you can tap into the ultimate anti- stress and healing brain states within minutes.

About the Author

Unlike 'normal' dreams which are hazy, confused and often forgotten the second you wake up, lucid dreams are special Click Here Now if you want to learn how to dream lucidly in less than 7 nights?