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We, as humans have an inbuilt curiosity in the world around us. A curiosity which drove the first man to the end of the world, a world everyone previously believed to be flat. Later it would send others to the moon. As people learned more of the world around them, they sought a way to record their discoveries, and these records became known as Maps. Tapestry Maps add a new dimension to these ancient maps which were indeed, regarded as works of art. Like Tapestries, they were considered of great value to those who possessed them. Therefore, Tapestry Maps are two remarkable works of art, combined into one. For those people who were born journeymen, Tapestry Maps are another exciting way to feed the desire to study and familiarize ourselves with the planet we live upon. A Tapestry Map might record a time and place significant in our lives, a fabulously unique way to catalogue our travels and experiences. A far cry from the 'tourist bait' souvenirs which usually signify nothing, and are, invariably, of little value. Tapestry Maps add charm and beauty to a room and also provide a focal point for interesting conversation.

Conquering uncharted horizons has been the obsession of man since time began. Therefore, it seems only natural that even today, we find Tapestry Maps so appealing. The Egyptians, Babylonians and of course, the Greeks were some of the most advanced civilizations of ancient times. It was their fascination of geography that compelled them to create maps. Today, you will find a huge variety of Tapestry Maps available, beautiful ancient maps of the world, the West Indies, Jerusalem and Europe, for example. Around 1400, the very first 'world map' was created by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. The very first Tapestry Maps were produced during the sixteenth and seventeenth century, and they were of great interest to those who were lucky enough to own them. Reproductions of ancient maps, through Tapestries, reveals their remarkable attention to detail. This is why so many collectors love the authenticity of Tapestry Maps.

Many modern Tapestry Maps are based on ancient maps and are, most definitely, considered works of art. With such a meticulous attention to detail, there are few people who would not be impressed with these Tapestries. Many of these Tapestries feature mythical creatures and gods, as did much of the ancient cartography, adding to their decorativeness and interest. This type of old world Tapestry Map is highly popular. If cartography is as equally important to you as the artistic imagination of the draftsman who created it, these Tapestries are definitely an appropriate choice. Of course, if you do not wish to have Mermaids and Gods embellished on your Tapestry Map, you will find a variety of more modern, non embellished, Tapestries available. Tapestry Maps stay true to their original purpose, focusing on the charts themselves. The incredible detail and artistry of Tapestry Maps provoke intrigue and interest in all those who view them. If cartography is something which appeals to you, you will love the depth and authenticity of Tapestry Maps.

A classic world Tapestry Map often features two globes which depicts both the ancient Eastern and Western worlds. Others might reflect the style of one of the most famous maps ever made, "Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica Ac Hydrographica Tabula". A map created in 1630 by Henricus Hondius, a Dutch cartographer. However, whichever Tapestry Map you prefer, composition is important to everyone. Although both styles are highly popular Tapestry compositions, there are many other options available to you. Of course, where you intend to hang your Tapestry will also have a huge influence on your decisions. Lighting is important, especially with regards to Tapestry Maps. Insufficient light will not only affect the overall impact of your Tapestry within the room, it will also mean important detailing is lost. Tapestries are available in various sizes. Nevertheless, whether it is large or small, all Tapestries need appropriate lighting to display their true beauty, and without doubt, Tapestry Maps are beautiful. Of course, direct sunlight is not recommended. Choose wisely and your Tapestry Map will be around to enjoy for many generations to come. Because such beauty as this is timeless, as is people's intrigue of the world around them.

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