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Pictorial map is a common naming unit used for bird's eye view map, map artwork, illustrative maps and cityscape map illustration. Pictorial maps are relatively better to realize since these represent the location in an inventive manner which does nt have a large amount of technological traits. These maps are planned to represent road pattern, chief locations and famous buildings in an artistic manner so that map using become simpler and faster. Nearly all the individuals choose to trace a position using pictorial map since it is easy to use and helps to understand the site very easily. These maps intend to represent a large area of earth which might include a very big area like a continent or a very small place like a campus or interiors of the building also! These maps are made by specialists and map illustrators who possess an immense knowledge to depict a particular region in a correct arty form. Pictorial maps show a place just like the way it appears while viewed from the top in an oblique angle. Usually standard maps show distances linking places according to scale but illustrated maps focus on the well-known signpost in that area and also use many scales to represent the pictures of the specified vicinity. Thus, the region is highly identified as the site map appears almost like the actual site.
As it is not feasible to keep a fixed scale for space in pictorial maps so the scaled description is usually ignored. Illustrated maps focus on the famous landmarks and patterns. Therefore these look rather prettier with nice landscape design. As soon as these are done, overview maps look great and accurate. Illustrative maps are drawn on sketching tables. Still, you require to have the order by your client; besides you need pen, paint, paper, etc to create a rough sketch. It is further agreed and then on approval, this rough sketch is made real by electronic painting techniques using water color. This brings the actual image to the rough copy. These maps can be altered by clients from time to time since the images are generally prepared in layers and groups. Overview map seem vibrant and colorful, however it has certain limitations. When outlining an area with big buildings and trees, the smaller ones get hidden and it becomes rather difficult to know because of the complications.
But, most of the people navigate with the help of this map by the bright and popular signpost sketched on them. It turns out to be easier to locate the place despite the difficult arrangement. This is the reason why these maps are more human in comparison to other geographic maps that use accurate scales to illustrate the area. The basic idea of these pictorial maps is to aid to find the way effectively. The idea behind this map is that the reader observes the outline of some particular region and then they are given alternatives to enlarge the terms that the person may be interested in. These sort of maps provide double advantage, that is, it appears eye-catching and colorful, and the other advantage is that the user can find the place easily and swiftly. You can get the pictorial maps made by various online professionals who depict the location just like the original. Log on to the internet to find more about their abilities for creating panoramic maps that truly look natural.

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