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We may hate to admit it, but some of us just aren't that good at web designing. If you're one such person, don't despair. There is help for you. You can always hire a web designer to do it. But wait, not all designer companies are made equal. Some are pricier than others. Don't let them fool you. Just because you need a web design service doesn't mean you're looking for literal designer prices. So how can you find more affordable website design?

To start with, professional web design is hard work. A designer will be responsible for many things, which may include some or all of the following: layout, content, graphics, SEO, flash, animation, hosting and more. If you want affordable website design, the best thing you can do is this: Do as much of the work as you can, and leave only the hardest part to your designer.

How to Get Affordable Website Design

Check their web site and portfolio. Before anything else, view their own home page design. Then look at their previous clients. Is that how you want your own site to look?

Domain and web space hosting. It's better to host your domain name and space elsewhere than with your web designer. Doing so gives you the freedom to find a cheaper host. You can also opt for simple domain forwarding without space hosting. Also, if you do get your designer to register the domain for you, make sure it's in your name.

Create your own graphics. Getting custom-made artwork is one of the most demanding and most expensive phases of personalized web design. By providing ready-made art for your designer, you greatly reduce the amount of work they have to do. You also save money.

Negotiate whenever possible. Your designer might give you a discount in return for a banner or button link to their site.

Keep it simple. The bigger the project, the more it will cost. Keep your project simple.

Prepare your content. Even if you can't program for your life's worth, you should be able to write decent paragraphs at least. Prepare your articles beforehand. Learn the basics of SEO too. Working on the text content yourself means the designer won't have to be copywriter as well.

Be available. If your web designer charges by the hour, you'll want to be in constant touch with them throughout the project. Any delay would cost you-literally.

Draw a plan. Put down on paper exactly what you want. Do you want everything customized? How much do you want to be made your way? How much is open for the web designer to experiment with? The more freedom you give the designer, the less hassle. But you also risk not getting the exact look you want.

Getting affordable website design from someone else can be tricky. Now if you devote enough time and effort to it, you might not need to hire a web designer at all. There are one-stop webmaster sites where you can get free tips and tricks, tutorials, and affordable web authoring programs. Not only is it cheaper to do it this way, in the end more rewarding.

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