Test if You Will Become the Richest Person in World | by CD Mohatta

Money is one of the greatest motivations in the world. Most of us work not only to earn money, but also to become wealthy. Wealth brings many comforts with it. One can have all the luxuries in the world and also get the aura of power. Wealth is power

If a quick survey is conducted to find out if people want to become rich, most of the responses will e in yes. Add one more question - Do you think that you can become the richest person in the world, and you will be surprised with the answers. Most of the answers will be in no. Very few of us believe that we have it in us to become the richest person. We are afraid of the thought and believe that we do not have the capacity to be the richest person. Why? Because we do not believe in our capabilities and also have created mental block that says - How can you, such an ordinary person dream of becoming the richest in the world?

This is our mental block that stops us from thinking creatively. Once we decide in our mind that we can become the richest person and deserve to become, we will find ways to do it. The first need is to break the mental block, the second to find ways to do it. As soon as you decide in your mind that you want to reach that goal and determine that you will reach that goal, find a business plan that will help you reach that goal. This will be tough, but once our mind is asked to find solutions, it gets them.

Test your attitude towards yourself. Test if you have any blocks in your mind. If there are any remove them and repeat to yourself that you deserve to reach the place you have decided. Work towards it and you will reach it one day. Please remember that no rich man /woman ever imagined that they would become so wealthy. Like you they all suffered self-doubts and over came them.

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