Media Placement: The Untold Story Behind ALL Major Sucesses Of Online Businesses!   by Frank Diemert

Success in business today is a rare thing. Most businesses fail, not because they were built upon bad ideas, but because most business owners do not focus on what truly makes the difference between success and failure.

There is one skill, above and beyond any other skill, that is critical to your success in business. If you do not learn to adapt this skill, your business idea will probably either fail or not reach your intended level of success like ninety-eight percent of all start up businesses in the world today.

It does not matter whether you are running a restaurant, a retail store, an Internet business, or an at home-based business; the necessity is still the same. This one skill is the biggest reason for success or failure in business.

Oprah knows the secret; so does Time Warner, Ted Tuner, McDonald's, Google, and Bill Gates. I could go on and on. They know the secret. Do you?

What is the secret?

It is the art and science of "Media Placement." This one skill reaps more rewards than any other aspect of business. You want to become a "Media Placement Specialist."

You might ask, "What is a 'Media Placement Specialist?'" Well, first of all, this is not about getting a certification to put on your resume to get a job. It is how to specialize in the skill of placing media to promote your business. It is also bigger than "traditional marketing."

When someone masters the art and science of placing media, they start to control the game. If they master many areas, they are what many experts call a "media mogul." A "media mogul" controls different forms of media and, ultimately, marketing.

Oprah Winfrey is a great example. She is self-made. She is a self-made billionaire media mogul. Oprah is now the owner of Harpo Productions, has her own TV show, had a radio show, and does print media and Internet marketing.

When you master the art and science of media placement, the idea is simple. Start small, and find one or two methods of media placement that work for you. You could start by trying Internet media placement, direct mail, pay-per-click, co-registration, or articles. The idea is to find a couple of means, start them working for you, and then you can grow your business and expand the types and amounts of media you use.

Today, Internet marketing is one of many media placement strategies you could use. It could be the single fastest, least expensive, low-risk type of media available today if you take the time to learn some of the secrets. Once you do your testing on the Internet, it makes it easy to expand into other types of media quickly.

There are many resources you can find that are available to learn the art of marketing, but there are very few resources that teach the mastery of media placement. Take the time to learn it. It could become the best investment you have ever made.

Please keep in mind that this is a business and you have to treat it as such. The investment is the first start, and this is the least expensive business I've ever started. I started my first business eight years ago with an initial ten thousand dollar investment after years of schooling and it has paid the bills. After becoming a CMPs with an initial investment of less than two hundred-fifty, that design business is now a hobby.

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About the Author

A Civil Engineering Technician that turned into a Certified Media Placement Specialist and is now earning real money!