Article Marketing - 5 Winning Tips You Cannot Miss!   by Davion Wong

Article marketing is an effective marketing technique to drive targeted visitors to your website. The outcome of a good article marketing campaign is a warm audience that has been pre-sold on your ideas and sales pitch and ready to buy your product or subscribe for your service. If traffic and sales are what you struggle with, then you would not want to miss this incredibly powerful advertising method.

Not only is article marketing effective, it is also free. This is why it is the preferred website promotion method by many online marketers and authors. There are hundreds of article submission directories that would gladly accept your article submission for free. Once published, your website is ready to receive traffic. It doesn't cost you a single cent and the quality of traffic is on par with PPC traffic. But there are some tips that you might want to use to put your article marketing on steroids.

Article Marketing Winning Tip 1 - Writing Informative Articles

People are looking for information which is why they landed on your article. Give them enough information as unique and useful as possible so that they feel they have gained something. You want to convince them that you know your stuff.

Article Marketing Winning Tip 2 - Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)

Be concise and to the point. Make your article simple to understand so that everyone knows what you are driving at. That way, you can reach the masses easily. Speak their lingo and cut away unnecessary technical jargon.

Article Marketing Winning Tip 3 - Pack Benefits into Article Title

Tell your readers what they can expect from reading your article. The best place to do so is the article title. Sell the benefits to entice them to read. Remember that you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. So give some thought to your article titles as that is the first thing they see.

Article Marketing Winning Tip 4 - Write One for Your Website

Since you have written an article, why not rewrite or write a brand new one for your website? Elaborate in greater details so that your visitors see relevant content on your website. If you have written an article about 'how to get started with article writing', you can add in related content such as how to find article content, where to submit your articles and how to write creative and attractive titles. Repeated exposure improves conversion rates.

Article Marketing Winning Tip 5 - Pre-Sell and Not Sell

Avoid doing a sales pitch in your article. This is a Big 'No No'. Readers tend to flee the moment they detect a clear sales pitch. Pre-sell them about the benefits of your product before they even see it. It adds a sense of mystery and instills curiosity. This is what you want to achieve.

These are just a few tricks amongst many to make article marketing work for you. Look out for my next article on more killer tips to supercharge your profits using article marketing.

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