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There is saying 'a picture is worth 1000 words'. Cartoons originally are drawings or pictures, a full-size pattern for execution in painting, mosaic, tapestry, or other form. Cartoons are such pictorial expressions created by cartoonist/s. Cartoon is a hard paper board used for impressing shapes. That also used for making graphics popularly know as cartoons.

Cartoons are popular because of its funny expression of truth in life. These often make us laugh and convey a message that strike to the heart of the matter. Cartoon graphics can communicate ideas very quickly. Cartoons should strike the viewer and has to provide food for thought. Cartoonists have such thought on any expression like sorrow, happy, angry etc. The greatest political cartoonist of the late 19th century was Thomas Nast, who was noted for his cartoon crusades against political corruption in the United States. Nast popularized the symbols of the country's major political parties and leaders in form of cartoons.

Cartoons are categories bases on events or instances such as Business, Office, Sales Baby, Family, Kid, Marriage, Animal, Pet, Professions, Political, Psychiatry, Science, Education & Teaching, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, and Other Cartoons. Cartoons are used in New Papers, Newsletters, Advertising, Websites, Presentations, Magazines, Books, Greeting cards, Blogs, Textbooks, Internet, Intranets, Manuals, Cover sheets and anything else that could benefit from a good fun. Cartoons can be customized with logo design, mascots, symbols etc.

Caricature and cartoons
Many artists can make caricature, act on any activities done by other persons. A Cartoonist can draw graphic (art), comically distorted drawings on the same activities of other person. Following some activities and expressing in pictorial is tough job for normal people. Cartoonist can make it easily as it is his/her skill. Making caricature of politicians and celebrities is common practice and popular too. Many news daily papers have permanent cartoonist for publishing daily cartoons on political issues, social issues, and other issues with a touch of comedy expression. In electronic media -television many exclusive cartoon programs are coming with same purpose to attract viewer. This impacts on the readers and viewer and can be conveyed the important messages.

Cartoon Characters
Cartoon Character is similar to a living being that can be shown with live activities like feelings, thinking, reaction, consistency, dress code and mood as human being. There are some exclusive cartoon characters deigned by famous cartoonists.

Cartoonists have born qualities of creating graphics to make live. Their practice, opportunity and interest take them to a respected position. They are aware of many things happening around. They have such idea and thoughts that can be utilized for society. Many cartoonists are degree holder in fine art, graphics design and many of having computer technology for advanced implementation. They come across many experiments to explore many creativity and ideas during studies and workshops. Many competitive environments might have helped a lot for career building and reorganizations.

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