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Basically animation is a graphic art that is not stable rather uniquely run one after another to create an illusion of movie. Animation is a sequence of images (2-D or 3D) runs in a certain frame that makes illusion of live action of an object or character.

Animation from History to Now
The history of animation says -there were some concepts originated by the Paleolithic cave painting (sequential) by primitive people in European countries. Shadow Puppetry was also an animation ancestor happened in eastern Asian countries. The manual animation work modified into simple and into complex animation devices like the flip book, often using drawings, paintings, photos, or slides on rotating card/s or cylinder, optical toys etc. The present digital era of animation is far ahead of the sequential cave painting. There are computers, software, methodologies and process of work to produce nice and quality animation works.

Animation Application
Animation runs in electronic media. Television and film industry have more exposure of animations. There are exclusive channels in television are showing animation movies. Advertisement makers prefer animated advertisement acted attracting characters. Web media is crowded with many animations for interface design, banners, windows alerts etc. In popular Internet websites the web banners come frequently with an advertisement. Websites have animated elements such as warning messages, links, buttons and logos. These stuffs make alive the website with enchanting feeling in users.

Animation Project
Based on a story line, a series of images to be created and placed in a frame. The story line leads a storyboard that explains the sequence, events, ambiance, about music, sound and voice over etc. Storyboard is a descriptive document explains steps of the progressing animation movie. A layout, dimension and frame structure of the animation movie to be designed at the beginning. The graphics, characters, elements, background, objects, color scheme are required to be designed base on the storyboard. The ambiance of the story must be kept in mind what is described in the storyboard. There are multiple animators are required in an Animation project. Animators have to take care of the screen play, story writing, direction, actions (expressions) etc. The interface of the animation must be user-friendly and correct. These qualities add value to your animation material in the competition. Besides the knowledge of graphics and animation principle the animators should know about sound, music and voice incorporation etc. Animation competitions are small projects that need all the process and activities done in a project. The assessment of your animation work is valued by the quality of the project.

Animation Characters
Character animation is most demanding in both 2-D and 3-D animation fields. This is similar to acting in a movie or stage show. The animation must make fell happy to the audience. The character should be shown with feelings, thinking, reaction, consistency, dress code and mood as human being.

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