Saving Plan for an Internet Home Business

by: Avira

The cost of running an Internet Home Business is low relative to common business expenses. However, existing consumption habits may cause cash burning. New Internet enterprisers are apt to find within few months that they spent the budget, and the burden of household payments forces them to return to the labor market.

A new life style with many economic changes is required. Although seems simple, it require time and effort, because it is hard to get rid of existing consumption habits.

Here is an action plan for a balanced budget. It is a list of the most important changes which should be done in the domestic consumption habits, for creating a positive cash flow.

But these are not just saving tips. The following changes also promise at the same time significant improvement of life quality.

  • Housing
    The Internet provides an excellent opportunity to reduce dwelling costs. It's possible to work from remote, inexpensive and attractive places.
    At home, the entire activity can be concentrated around a portable table where the computer is stored, and in any available place.
    Big bookshelves are unnecessary, since most of the books arrive nowadays as computer files.
    Viewing movies and listening to music from the Internet with the PC spare the money for large televisions and stereo sets.

  • Car
    The car is dispensable for home workers. Even when it is parked for a long time it causes big expenses because of depreciation, insurance and more.
    If the car is old it is profitable to throw it immediately to the junkyard and not to try to sell it. The saving in ownership costs is so great that the loss is balanced within few months.

  • Public transportation
    Walking and bicycle riding enable the arrival from home to many places faster, easier, and at no cost at all.
    Most of the services that a citizen need for his daily living are located in a commercial center at a distance of a healthy walking.
    Buses and other mass transport systems demand a long waiting time and have a long route.

  • Telephone and mail
    Free software enables nowadays a connection free of charge between any point in the world, including video conversations.
    E-mails are excellent replacement for ordinary mail.
    The option of switching from printed flyers to E-mail newsletters already encouraged many people to start publishing through the Web.

  • Electricity
    The professional Web surfer should wear a good Ski suit for the winter. When dressed in such suit there is no need for a heater and it's possible to benefit from open window and fresh air on cold days.
    The beauty and comfort of these modern suits make them suitable for the entire day.

  • Cables and Satellite TV
    These services do not offer much. The biggest part of the visual medium is stored nowadays in the Internet, with countless channels that enable viewing anything according to personal preferences.
    Any Internet enterpriser is a media producer who contributes original works to the scene.

  • Newspapers and magazines
    Updated information can be found easily on the Internet and there is no need to wait for daily newspaper or magazine.
    Beside, all the strength for reading is needed for the Internet.

  • Computer
    There is no need for a super computer while working on the Web. Familiar computers and software products are enough. They are more reliable then the advanced and expensive merchandise, which tend to suffer from running problems.
    The computer must function perfectly. It reflects life and is important as breathing air.

  • Internet
    The cost of standard Internet connection is low. There are excellent learning courses on the internet at no cost on the subjects of Web sites building, graphics, and basic marketing advices.
    Outsourcing is not needed. It is possible to do all the Internet Home Business tasks just with proper software. The Internet is a Vision Board where the Law of Attraction operate the best.

  • Food
    Cooking food from market goods is much more healthy, tasty and inexpensive then half-made food from the supermarkets.
    The main food types such as bakery, dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables products, are in greater abundance in the market and in much cheaper prices.
    The cooking of basic food is simple and there are plenty of recipes directories on the internet.
    It is recommanded to save cooking time and effort, and prepare food, such as stews, for the whole week, and to prepare recipes similar to that of fast food and take them for the road.
    The sum of money saved this way turns to reality the vision of the full refrigirator.

  • Appliances
    Use the Internet to compare between products. Shopping online is inexpensive, sure and pleasant.
    The products arrive home directly and reinforce the working experience.
    Simple Alternative markets close to home offer many products in good quality. The prior search on the Internet makes visiting them an esthetic experience.

  • Finances
    When working from home it is much easier to manage the expenses.
    It is easier to control, repair and improve the domestic budget.
    Unexpected expenses are much lower thanks to the calm lifestyle.
    The use of credit cards become rare.
    It is not wise to liquidate the savings by a monthly drawing from a fund. It is better to invest in a solid mutual funds that give a high interest and guard the original value. Trading stocks and currencies online is also an option.

  • Taxes
    It is advisable to keep a low pursuit definition.
    Opening of a regular business brings with it fixed expenses.
    A freelancer can register as employee in a specalized company which pays a salary according to the revenues, for a fee of few percents. It takes care for the taxes and supply receipts.
    Clarification of the income issues prevents unnecessary taxes.

  • Extra work
    Domestic works like: homecrafts, renovations, cooking, sewing, gardening and the like, complement the main pursuit.
    The ability to do such jobs should be important consideration in the central decision, because they mingle with the activity with the computer.

  • Social environment
    The zoo, theater, museum, public library and the like are vital pastime for home workers. The same is with lectures in the community center, meeting nice people from the neighborhood and sitting in coffee shops.
    A public prayer once in a week can strengthens the spirit a lot and and the same is with voluntary activity.

  • Fitness
    Walking or biking from place to place is easier, healthier and faster.
    This can be complemented with workout equipment beside the computer. There is no need for a country club subscription.
    The daily walking is an opportunity to unite with nature in hidden paths and corners of vegetation and water, which can offer relaxation even in the heart of the city.
    Additional walking tracks, like the promenade, seaside, and park, improve the workout.

  • Holidays
    Dreams about expensive holidays abroad contradict with the international athmosphere of the Internet. Substituting four walls at home for four walls at a hotel is not healthy.
    Vacation in a tent in the open country and in alternative festivals is much more attractive.
    Modern camping equipment enables a pleasant staying in nature for a long period.
    Alternative festivals are inexpensive. They are health institutions, places for social acquaintance and potential markets.

  • Low profile
    The Internet is lucrative working environment. It is a major source of information, social environment and a huge market. The amount of money that rolls in it is unprecedented, and people from all over the world are attracted to it.
    Therefore the work in it requires a lot of concentration.
    Boasting on it in front of everybody will cause quick mind drifting and total loss of inspiration.
    Beyond that, they who travel a great distance every day to a tedious work might be envy.

    The Media Player is a little gadget for many purposes. It's possible to download to it audio files of music, lectures or books, view photos and movies and even record ideas and conversations.
    It is a way for creating a personal environment and positive atmosphere in a hostile public world.

    All these changes promise simultaneously significant improvement of life quality and a huge money saving.
    Therefore each change should be implemented fully before continuing to the next one, in order to create a natural process. Economic changes are seemed simple at first, but they demand a great effort because it is very hard to get rid of existing consumption habits.

    It is possible to live properly on minimum financial expenses. A personal budget of about half the minimum wage can afford standard of living which is higher then achieved by average salary.

    People who live on a fixed salary spend large sums of money on cars, shopping in shopping centers and on mass media products. They have a small amount of money, time and strength for the truly important things.
    For no reason, Home Business entrepreneurs suffers from lack of self-confidence; anxiety; lack of stability and tend to feel poor.
    The best things are located under the nose and they are at no cost.

    While finishing the entire program, it's possible to turn to quality investment on the Internet.
    The Internet's economy is Information Economy. The money invested on it is Information Money. It provides constructive knowledge. Therefore it gives greater spiritual welfare then any spending on regular consumption products.
    Money becomes an abstract concept and creates sublimation process for the soul.
    It becomes a habit to contemplate on any penny before spending it.
    This is well and so it should be done.

    Money is just the reflection of the human shape in the crowd.