Mars Face

The Full Shape of Mars Face

Mars Face - The Full Shape
This is a mouse rollover effect: Place the cursor over the image to see the visual change.

After viewing a detailed 3d image of Mars Face, many viewers concluded quickly that it is a fully designed object, which was eroded and collapsed partially over time in its right side.

An important support for this theory give the dimensions of the background relief on which the face is curved. It is a precise rectangle, with arches as the top and bottom flanks, just as a medieval shield.

It was easy to figure out the look of the full face.
This was done by the following way:

A. Determining that the right side's shape is exactly as the left side, as with ordinary human beings.
B. Dividing the face into two halves, using the accuracy of the background relief's dimensions.
C. Copying the left size, flipping it horizontally and pasting it on the right size.

You can see the result after the 'plastic surgery' by placing the cursor over the image.

Updated at May 28, 2007 by Avinoam Amizan

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