Be Innocent


Life Story of Abraham Zandman



Zandman Abraham

Abraham Zandman 1906-1993



Many years have passed since the end of World War II but it seems that it happened only yesterday and that nothing has changed in the geopolitical reality in which we live.

This demands the Jewish people existential survival fitness. Therefore every story which tells about the humanity, courage and resourcefulness of a Jew at that time is very important.


Such is the story of Abraham Zandman, who during the troubles in Poland and Russia during the war, preserved and developed the concept of creative spirit.
His story tells the history alive and well, even in the most deferred corners.
As one of the giants of literature, it glows in a poetic spotlight and illuminates the nature and soul of the humankind then and now.



Be Innocent - Life Story of Abraham Zandman




1. Before the War

A. Religious Childhhood in Gostinin and Lodz

B. Secular Adulthood in Warsaw

C. Outbreak of War

2. During the War

D. Soviet Union Theft Method
E. Gulag in Siberia
F. Kazakhstan Commerce

G. Bombs Foundry and Friends

3. After the War

H. Ruined Poland
I. Theatre in Bergen Belsen
J. Immigration to Israel


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